Enertec Doesn’t Get Cold Feet – and Neither Should You

Enertec Doesn’t Get Cold Feet – and Neither Should You

Commit to a reliable HVAC contractor in South Portland, ME

While Enertec is new to South Portland, ME, our owners have been in the HVAC and electrical industry for over 10 years. We’re veteran-owned and operated with a commitment to integrity and affordability. Our technicians have the credentials you expect from dependable service providers, including:

  • All necessary licenses
  • AAS degrees in HVAC
  • Tech experience with military machines

In the past, we worked alongside other companies to provide industrial HVAC services. Now that we have our own business, we primarily serve residential and commercial property owners with their heating and cooling needs. Contact us for more information about South Portland, ME heating installation services.

Call 207-776-4614 for your free HVAC repair estimate

If your apartment complex or home is feeling awfully cold these days, you probably need the help of an HVAC professional. Enertec believes everyone should have access to qualified heating and cooling pros. We won’t charge you for your repair consultation, so don't hesitate: schedule your Enertec visit today.